Tenant Disclosures

When leasing with Jericho Properties, tenants will receive complete information about the property, including full disclosure of pertinent information.

This checklist will include information regarding:

  • Lease Information
  • Pet Addendum
  • Agency Disclosure
  • Property Information
  • Emergency Numbers
  • HOA Rules
  • Drug/Crime Addendum
  • Marijuana Addendum
  • Move Out Procedures
  • Lead Paint Pamphlet
  • Lead Paint Disclosure
  • Mold Addendum
  • Pest Control Addendum
  • House Keys (number released)
  • Garage Keys (number released)
  • Mail Box Keys
  • Pool Keys
  • Remote Controls

Additionally, the tenant may be responsible for:

  • Transfer of Xcel Energy utility service into tenants name
  • Transfer of water service into tenants name
  • Transfer of sewer service into tenants name
  • Hiring of a trash service

Please click here to view a sample lease.